Experience Freshly Baked Halal Food Delights at Our Bakery

Step into Timmy’s Tanür Bakery to experience a world of freshly baked halal food delights that cater to every taste. From the moment you enter, the aroma of our halal-certified breads, pastries, and sweets promises a culinary journey like no other. Furthermore, our commitment to quality and tradition ensures that every bite not only satisfies your hunger but also respects halal dietary principles. Join us in Niagara Falls for an unforgettable bakery experience where every dish tells a story of flavor and finesse.


Afghani Naan


Pakistani Kulcha

$2.99 or 2/$4.99

Iraqi samoon


Large Mouajinaat

1/$5.99 - 6/$34.99 - 12/$67.99 - 18/$99.99

Discover the Essence of Halal Baking at Timmy's Tanür Bakery

Nestled in the heart of Niagara Falls, Timmy’s Tanür Bakery is more than just a bakery; it’s a haven for those seeking the finest halal food. Our passion for authenticity and excellence shines through every handcrafted piece of bread, every decadent pastry, and every delightful sweet treat we offer.

At Timmy’s Tanür, we believe in embracing the rich traditions of halal cuisine, bringing you a taste of the extraordinary.

Halal Food Mouajinaat

Why Choose Timmy's Tanür Bakery?

Freshness Redefined: Every morning, our bakers rise before dawn to mix, knead, and bake our products to perfection. Only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients make it into our oven, and the difference is tasteable in every bite.

Halal and Wholesome: Commitment to halal isn’t just a label; it’s a lifestyle. We meticulously source our ingredients to ensure they meet strict halal standards, providing you with not just food, but nourishment that respects your dietary and spiritual beliefs.

A Symphony of Flavors: Whether it’s our savory pastries, filled with rich, flavorful fillings, or our sweet desserts, bursting with natural sweetness, Timmy’s Tanür Bakery offers a diverse menu that caters to all palates. Discover the perfect blend of Middle Eastern spices and Canadian flair in our unique creations.

Community and Connection: Timmy’s Tanür isn’t just a place to eat; it’s a place to gather. We’ve built a warm, welcoming space where families can come together, friends can meet, and memories can be made, all over the love of good, halal food.

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  • 920 Upper Wentworth Street. Unit 12. Hamilton. ON. Inside Eastern Food Market
  • 4465 Drummond Road. Niagara Falls. ON

Phone No

Hamilton. 289 755 4755
Niagara. 905 758 5557

Timmy Hours Hamilton

Last call 30 min prior to close

MON TO SUN 11 am to 01 am


Timmy Hours Niagara

Last call 30 min prior to close

Mon to Sun 09 am to 10 pm


Follow Us @timmystanur

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